Thursday June 2nd – the history walk

What a friendly bunch! Participants in our ‘History Walk’ gather at the St Thomas Centre.
And we’re off!
Outside The Heron reminiscing about when the Regal Cinema used to stand on the same site.
Looking across Alfred Squire Road to the car park where the original Wednesfield Market stood.
Still in Alfred Squire Road, outside the Council Offices – as was.
We’ve landed ourselves on the Dentist’s carpark in Neachells Lane – but really just to look at the green space across the road where Marshall’s trapmaking firm used to be.
Outside Pickering Road Community Centre.
Lovely field of wild flowers as we pass over Pinfold Bridge (known to locals as Gregory’s Bridge)
No – we hadn’t stopped for a pint – albeit tempting.
In Taylor Street with attention being paid to number 43 which used to be Williams’ trapmakers.
Still in Taylor Street. We were there a while – holding up the grocery delivery van. The driver was very nice about it.
Just entering the park area at the bottom of Taylor Street.
The trees in the park looking beautiful.
Having walked over Trapmakers Bridge (replacement for Barn Bridge) we wander up the canal towepath to pass under Church Bridge. We have a lot of bridges in Wednesfield – comes with canal territory.
… and finally back to the St Thomas Centre for tea and cake.

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