Our Meetings

We started holding our bi-monthly meetings in pubs such as The Vine and The Pyle Cock in order to support local drinking houses (an important part of our heritage!), but due to the popularity, we soon outgrew the pubs and we now hold meetings at the Wednesfield & Woodend Royal British Legion on Vicarage Road, WV11 1SF.

Each meeting has a theme where we explore Wednesfield’s past together, often in conversation as people talk about their memories.  The meetings are designed to be social gatherings and are informal as well as informative.

We often have guest speakers who will talk about a specific area of interest or expertise and we always have a quiz, so there’s a chance of winning a bottle of something nice!

Meeting dates for membership year 2019/20 are (all Saturdays at 7pm):

April 20th 2019
June 15th 2019
August 10th 2019
October 5th 2019
December 30th 2019
February 8th 2020