Archaeology Reports

The following archaeological reports are all in the public domain and are free for you to access for your own personal use.  Please remember however, that the copyright of these reports remains with the individual authors as detailed in the introductory pages.  Please use the red links below to access the reports.

1995 – The Tiger, High Street
1999 – 41-43 High Street
2003-4 – Rookery Street with Well Lane
2006 – Rookery Street with Well Lane
2007 – Rookery Street
2008/9 – Canal Bridge High Street
2009 – Urban Square
2011 – Temperance Hall
2012 – 35-37 Church Street
2014 – Dog & Partridge
2017 – King George V Playing Field, Amos Lane
2017 – Missing road at Northicote
2017 – Derelict Cottage near Moseley Court 






  1. Wendy Pritchard nee Prosser says:

    Last Sunday, August 16th 2020, on a morning walk, I came across the Lancaster Memorial and found it very interesting to read. Although I went to Wednesfield Grammar School from 1962 til 1970 I had never seen the field on Lichfield Road. What a lovely area to walk around. I’ve also enjoyed the Oral History on the website. Many thanks.

    • jackiharri says:

      Thank you for your comment Wendy. It is sometimes difficult to reconcile the peacefulness of the fields today with the horrors of a plane crash, but at least it is a good place to be laid to rest.

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